Dr. Cherita speaking on having a vision for your life on Scholarship Sunday at Seeds of Greatness Ministries

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No Hype. No Games. No Gimmicks.

Just real, down to earth, truth-telling, let’s make it happen messages. That’s what you get with Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Using personal experiences, humor, reality and practicality, Cherita will engage, elevate and empower your audience to move forward with power.

Signature Topics


Superwoman Is Dead: Burn the Cape, Save the Shoes!

This is an inspirational message to help women take off the persona of superwoman - saving everyone else, caring for everyone else, and being who others expect you to be - and embrace their personal power. This message encourages women to tell the truth about what they really want in life and develop the courage to go after it, without guilt.

Your audience will leave with three strategies to step boldly into their power.


You Can Have It All: 3 Keys to Getting What You Really Want in Life

You’ve probably heard that you can't have it all. Well, Dr. Cherita disagrees. You can have it all... once you decide what all is for you. Cherita shares three keys to help women get exactly what they want in life, career, and business.


Life Happens, Purpose Remains

Do you remember when you used to dream big dreams? When everything seemed possible? But then life happened. Life may be good, but it’s not what you dreamt it would be. Don’t despair, purpose remains. Through inspirational stories, wisdom gained from personal experiences and practical strategies, Dr. Cherita will motivate your audience to hope again, to dream again, and to pursue purpose.

Business & Leadership

M.I.N.D. Your Business

For aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs, this presentation walks audience members through the four necessities of launching a business that makes an impact, earns you an income, and establishes a path to independence. 

The Power of Learning in Leading

What if the way we learn impacts the way we lead and how we respond to being led? This message shares how we can harness the power of learning to grow our personal and professional leadership prowess for goal attainment. Your audience will leave with greater self-knowledge, the ability to recognize opportunities for improved communication with team members, and the ability to adapt to performance challenges.

The Leadership Trifecta: Clarity, Communication & Connection

How can we build teams committed to the mission? How can we grow people who will grow our company? Through great leadership. But great leaders don’t exist without intentional action. This message shares the three core focus points for great leadership and the results that follow. Your audience will leave with a greater understanding about how these concepts impact organizational culture and performance, keys for taking intentional action in these areas for immediate results, and a renewed commitment to better leadership.


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How Can Cherita Serve Your Audience?

Keynote - 30-45-minute targeted and customized message for your audience; typically designed to motivate and inspire

Workshop - 60-90-minute session focused on increasing knowledge or teaching a skill

Training - a half or full day of training on an area of her expertise

Panelist - one of several experts discussing a particular topic

Interview - conduct a live or recorded interview with Cherita on a topic related to her areas of expertise

Webinar - engage Cherita to teach a live or recorded webinar for your audience on an area of her expertise

Radio or TV Show Segment - engage with Cherita in a lively discussion on your radio or TV show

Course or Masterclass - share access to one or more of Cherita’s courses or master classes with your audience


LeTonya Moore, Esq

Brand Protection Strategist, I Protect Your Brand

Teresa S. McCurry,

Ministry Leadership Trainer & Coach, InspireMeInc.com

Powerhouse Coaching

“I cannot adequately express the God-given gift to me Coach Cherita is. The webinar on Limiting Beliefs was so on point. I would have never been able to put into such clear words why I continue to get stuck while attempting to go forward. Well, last night it was explained so thoroughly. I must change my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Thank you, Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon!”

Vice President, Citi (retired)

Powerhouse Coaching

“Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is a powerful and dynamic speaker! Her poised yet down to earth nature and practical life strategies made her words not only motivating but extremely relatable. The ladies in our program benefitted greatly from her encouraging message and from seeing firsthand what success at every level looks like.”

YWCA of Delaware Youth Advisor (former)

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Virtual Summit Training

 Virtual Success Summit, hosted by Black Women Promote

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