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No Hype. No Games. No Gimmicks.

I help you profit from your purpose by taking you from idea to implementation, so you can generate income. Using my proprietary M.I.N.D. Your Business Success Framework, I walk you through the four core components necessary to get you Ready to Launch your expert-based business. I reduce the overwhelm and eliminate overworking so you can build a business that serves you well. 

That’s why my programs are designed to teach you a simple but smart way to prepare, launch, grow, and expand your business!

No overworking yourself to the point that you have no time for friends or family.

No overwhelming yourself with stress that turns your purpose into your problem.

Learn how to make your dollars while making a difference and leave your mark on the world!


For Women Ready to Make an Impact

Create the independence, income and impact you desire with life-changing programs that will transform you into an
unstoppable business owner!

Powerhouse You Academy

A private membership community providing the connection, training, and resources you need to launch and grow your expert-based business.

1-on-1 and Group Programs

I understand that every aspiring woman entrepreneur is different. To get the most out of every woman that I work with, I offer 1-on-1 and Group coaching specific to your needs.

Author Services

You have the power to create something that can change the world. My programs are your first step to develop a powerful and impactful message that can be monetized in the marketplace.

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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon

Speaking on having a vision for your life on Scholarship Sunday at Seeds of Greatness Ministries

In pursuit of my first publication, I've had a few rounds of editors, including a prominent online resource. However, Dr. Weatherspoon was by far the most thorough, diligent, and helpful content and copy editor/manuscript reviewer of my work. I keep her edited copy of my book, filled with organized multi-colored tabs and in-line comments as a reminder of how thorough and diligent her work was. This reminder gives me confidence that the final publication will be the best I could hope for it to be. I wholeheartedly recommend her editing/consulting services as I've worked with a few over the past couple of years and Dr. Weatherspoon truly was the best. Many thanks for such a job well done!

Anthony Griffin - author of Best Monday Inspiration

The work that I have done from the course has been quite helpful and rewarding. I see and feel my purpose much more clearly now.

Dr. Kimberlie W.

Dr. Cherita’s Living Your Life With Purpose 7 Day Challenge will spark the very thing that is inside of you, PURPOSE! If you are serious about living purposefully, then this challenge is for you! The information is digestible and the challenges, if completed, will change your life!

Dr. Malaika T.

I cannot adequately express the God-given gift to me Coach Cherita is. The webinar on Limiting Beliefs was so on point. I would have never been able to put into such clear words why I continue to get stuck while attempting to go forward. Well, last night it was explained so thoroughly. I must change my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs. Thank you, Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon!

Carolyn F.

Before I took the 7 elements of purpose E-Course, I was stuck wondering what I was going to do with the next season of my life. As a result of taking this course, I refined who I want to serve and how. I used to serve everybody but realized during this course that my gifts and talents serve vulnerable adults and youth and those who serve them best. Although the course led me on a similar path that I was already on, I was able to eliminate those activities that caused me to question what difference I was making in the world. Now I have clarity about how much time I spend as an entrepreneur and volunteer and on what activities. I do not operate as an employee anymore and any activity that feels like that has to cease. I now have a purpose statement that hangs on my wall and I look at it every day. This course is for anyone who is at a crossroads in their personal or professional life and is ready to make a change but doesn't know how. If they put in the work, they will emerge with clarity and move to action!

Rochelle Peterson-Ansari

Once again, let me say your presentation was AWESOME!!

Stacey J.

Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon is a powerful and dynamic speaker! Her poised yet down to earth nature and practical life strategies made her words not only motivating but extremely relatable. The ladies in our program benefited greatly from her encouraging message and from seeing firsthand what success at every level looks like.

Carla P.

As a professional in higher education with many years of experience, I was very fortunate to receive guidance and coaching both personally and professionally from Dr. Cherita Weatherspoon. Her ability to empower me with the creation of my professional vision for my future was simply priceless.

Tia B.

I’m truly grateful for this experience. Dr. Cherita helped me to channel my passion and create another vehicle of expression for it. I valued the entire process because I believe it will put me one step ahead of my peers and a lot closer to my dreams. The process taught me how to research, use different resources, and to also not discount anyone or anything.

Corine C.

Building A Legacy Through Business

Do you have an incredible idea for an expert-based business that will make a difference in the world but need motivation, guidance, and support to make it a reality?


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