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Please indicate the subject of your message and the best way to contact you. We’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours… if not sooner.

    Do I really need a coach?

    My opinion is that everyone needs a coach; that’s why I have several. A good way to determine if you can benefit from a coach is to assess whether you are where you want to be in your business and if you’ve made the progress you thought you would have made by this point. Another way is to consider how long it takes you to make decisions and decide what to do and how to do things, and if you even know what your options are. I can tell you honestly that you need a coach but you need to decide that you need a coach to benefit from having one.

    Why can’t I sign up for 1:1 coaching on your website?

    One-on-one coaching is a personal and intimate interaction. Often, clients share things with their coaches they wouldn’t share with their closest friends and family (yes, even business coaches). Because we will work so closely together, I want to make sure that we’re a good fit. So, you’ll schedule a complimentary Power to Profit call and we’ll learn more about each other. I’ll first determine if I can help you. If I can and I think you’re a good fit for me, I’ll share how I can help you. You’ll then determine if I’m a good fit for you and if I’m the coach you want walking with you on this journey.

    Is it better for me to take one of your courses or to have you as my coach?

    It depends! Let’s talk. Schedule your Power to Profit call and we’ll find out what’s best for you right now.

    What type of books do you publish?

    We specialize in non-fiction books in the self-help, motivational and inspirational genres; specifically personal growth/development, business growth/development and Christian Living. We specialize in anthology project management but also support individual authors with our Done For You publishing service.

    Do you only work with Black women?

    My group programs, private community, and private events are for Black women only. I am committed to providing and protecting a safe space for my sisters to launch and grow as entrepreneurs. However, I am happy to support others with whom my message resonates through my one-on-one coaching programs and via Spoonfed Motivation Publications Done For You Publishing and Anthology Project Management. If you are interested in investing in yourself through my coaching or our author services, schedule a Power to Profit call.

    Are you available to speak at our event?

    I may be! Check out the Speaking page for more information and submit the Book Cherita Speaking Request form.

    What is your refund policy?

    We provide the opportunity for each of our potential clients to engage in a one-on-one conversation to ensure a mutual fit. We also refrain from high pressure sales tactics. These factors create an environment where our clients can enter into a business relationship with us fully aware of what they are investing, what they are getting for that investment, what Dr. Cherita’s responsibilities are and what their responsibilities are. Because of this level of transparency in our business we do not provide refunds. Please review our full refund policy at