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The Ready to Launch VIP experience includes two days of laser-focused coaching and consulting that will accelerate the launch of your business and help catapult your business to the next level more quickly.

You can show up empty-handed (you don’t even need a laptop or pen and paper) as long as you are ready to put in the emotional and thought work to make this time one of the most productive experiences of your life. Dr. Cherita will pull everything she needs from you to build out your custom-designed business model that not only serves your clients but serves you.

Approximately two weeks after your time together, Dr.Cherita will deliver your original and custom Ready to Launch plan, then provide implementation and accountability support over the next year.

Who is this for?

The Ready to Launch VIP Experience is for the woman who:

Doesn’t have time to waste on long, drawn out programs

Knows what she wants and is ready to get it

Has wasted too much time already, whether from delaying her dream or trying to figure it out on her own

Is an action-taker

Understands how getting help can accelerate her process and progress

Is impact-inspired and can no longer wait to make THIS mark on the world

Is willing to invest in herself, her goals and her dreams

Knows she is worth the investment in herself

Who this is not for:

This experience is not for you if you:

Are not ready to take action

Don’t like to listen to advice or recommendations

Think you know everything already

Are not sure entrepreneurship is for you

Have no idea what your business is

Are not willing to invest in yourself or don’t think you are worthy of investing in yourself

To apply and schedule a call with Dr. Cherita to see if this experience is right for you