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The Teach, Transact, Transform curriculum walks you through the development of your signature speech providing you with a detailed outline of your speech that only requires you to fill in the gaps. In the process, you will learn the three core components to a talk that can be transformative.

As a result of this program, you will:

  • Lay the foundation of your talk and answer the questions: Why, Who, What & Where?
  • Build the framework of your talk, which will help you to communicate clearly and succinctly about your topic and in a way that connects with your audience
  • Build your 45-60 minute talk using my E8 Speech Framework™
  • Learn the simple strategies for turning your talk into a ½ day – full day workshop
  • Learn how to seed your offer during your talk to help prepare your audience to hear your offer
  • Learn how to connect your Call to Action to your paid offer

What you get:

Access to the Teach, Transact, Transform curriculum

Worksheets that help you build your talk while working through the curriculum

A repeatable process for developing content for your talks, webinars, and other presentations

Resources that will simplify the process of writing content that is relevant and valuable for your audience and increases receptivity to your offer.


Two speaker one sheet templates (value of $500)

Breakthrough Your Fear of Public Speaking Workbook (value of $100)

Your Story is Your Brand Workbook (value of $100)

Who is this for?

The Teach, Transact, Transform program is for women who:

Want to expand their reach and impact through speaking

Desire to learn a process for developing or customizing each of their talks

Are already speaking, but struggle with developing their talks

Struggle with seeding an offer within their talks or how to appropriately and effectively make an offer from the stage or the back of the room

VIP Upgrade Option: If you will benefit from a thought partner and coaching through the process of developing your talk, want to have your talk reviewed and feedback provided, or want help developing your offer, the VIP upgrade may be the best option for you. It includes:

    • The Power to Profit Intensive: This 3-hour, one-on-one intensive is designed to take you from idea to implementation for one specific goal. The session is customized to meet your needs.
  • You can choose your focus:

    • Your Business Idea: Talk through your idea, get feedback and clarity, identify potential challenges and solutions, determine how to package and present your service or product idea, and identify your next steps
    • Your Offer: Clarify the problem you solve and the solution you are offering, identify your target audience, determine how to package, position, price and provide your service in a way that feels good to you
    • Your Book: Talk through your book idea, clarify your goals for the book, identify your readers, get feedback on your title and subtitle, outline your book, identify your back-end offer, and identify your next steps
    • Your Signature Speech: Talk through your ideas for your signature speech, identify your target audience, clarify your message, identifying your story, develop your main three points, and determine your back-end offer