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IUME (ī yo͞o me) – Inspiring, Uplifting, Motivating, Empowering


The IUME Words Project, an offshoot of Spoonfed Motivation Publications, is devoted to sharing positive messages to Black and Brown communities whether in print, through film, online or from the stage. 

While our topics may vary, they will always align with one or more of these foundational principles: Inspire, Uplift, Motivate, Empower.

Our first and current project is an anthology, Love Letters to My Girls: 100+ Black Women Speak to the Hearts of Black Women & Girls. You can hear from some of our contributing authors here.

Each of our projects has a community investment component. We have partnered with the United Way of Delaware to raise funds to support these initiatives. The funds raised in 2020 will support the following:

  • At least two scholarship awards for Black women. The awards can be used for education, training or business startup/growth. 
  • Donations of the Love Letters to My Girls anthology to organizations, groups and clubs that serve Black women & Girls around the world

To support this initiative, text IUME to 4444 or visit our donor page here to make your tax deductible donation through the United Way of Delaware.


You can hear from some of our contributing authors here.